Celtic Tacho Analysis can take the stress out of managing all tachograph issues in your transport business. Recent changes in legislation have meant the introduction of heavy penaltys, a maximum fine of €5,000 and six months imprisonment for each individual offence. This is true for company directors, officers, transport operators, transport managers, drivers and consignors.

The Road Safety Authority has initiated a comprehensive monitoring campaign involving visits to transport company offices for the purpose of reviewing all operations. This includes tachograph storage, use of tachograph both digital and cheap replica breitling analogue, driver hours, breaks and rest periods to name a few. While the level of prosecution has been low to date, this situation is expected to change dramatically in the near future.

Celtic Tacho Analysis can help save your reputation and money by assisting you or your company to stay within the new regulations. Our assistance covers the following:

1. Analysising your driver’s digital data and analogue charts to check for any infringement that might cost you or your driver heavy penalties

2. Training drivers and managers in the requirements of the tachograph regulations

3. Supply storage solutions for tachograph charts and digital data.

4. Supply digital download tools to down load data from vehicles and drivers cards.

5. Supply all tachograph charts and paper rolls.

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